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zayn + band shirts

Anonymous said: Louis has talked about lbd

i distinctly remember niall saying something about it on twitter though… i think it was something about it being a song he would like to perform because they all sing in it together


harrystylesdildo replied to your post: bookmark this textpost as a reference …

Does He Know also.

does he know more like does he know that was an okay song that really shouldn’t be put on the wwa setlist! am i right ladies!

Anonymous said: dfwyb is def on there I think same with strong bc they've talked about it being a fave. idk about right now but apparently fans heard happily outside the rehearsal studio


i’ve never been bitter about anything more than tell me a lie not being a single

Anonymous said: i need that picture of cartoon harry asking why you're crying.

Anonymous said: Why would they do everything about you pLS

because it’s a fucking jam bitch what do you have against the song! 

Anonymous said: niall's repeatedly talked about little white lies as part of the set list too

didn’t he also say something about little black dress as well? but yeah i realized that after


bookmark this textpost as a reference if happily, strong, right now, and/or don’t forget where you belong don’t make it on the setlist i’m deleting my blog, unstanning, and will remove any ties i have with being a one direction fan